D-computer ATX-A9006 Old model

D-computer ATX-A9006

Dimensions: 495 x 185 x 425mm (length x width x height)

Model ATX-A9006
Type MidiTower
Supply unit power, W 350W - 500W
Material 0,8mm SECC
Cooling Fan 1 x 92 mm on a back panel
3,5'' bays 2
5,25'' bays 4
Internal 3,5'' bays 4
Ports 2 USB 2.0 , audio line/mic, IEEE1394 on the top cover
Dimension 495 x 185 x 425mm (length x width x height)
Features Greater length of metal structure LCD-display (displays value from 3 heat sensors, fan speed of rotetion, current time, indicators of work of devices). Decorative side door

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